Australian War Memorial In Flanders Fields Exhibition 1917

2D and 3D Design, banners, catalogue and associated collateral for a major exhibition in the Special Exhibitions Gallery of the Australian War Memorial 2007.

The design rationale reflected the extreme conditions of the 1917 conflict in France for Australian Anzacs – mud, rain, gas, artillery fire, the desolate ‘moonscape’ of bombarded terrain overlaid on the individual’s experience of death and desolation.

Finely tuned and carefully integrated 2D and 3D design delivered a powerful narrative with clarity and deceptive simplicity. 2D/3D were inspired by the artefacts and images themselves – a seemingly endless ‘horizon’ and sense of isolation was created by a linear format and chronological sequencing that focused the attention of the visitor on the endless months of trauma experienced in 1917, as well as echoing the trenches, bridges and devastated landscape of the Western Front. Stark vertical ‘markers’ calibrated the passing of time, the devastatingly small advances and the mounting casualties
of this tragic year.

Design Concept: Lea Barnett, Jisuk Han
2D Design: Lea Barnett
3D Design: Jisuk Han, X2 Design

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