Australian War Memorial 1918 Advancing to Victory Exhibition

2D and 3D Design, banners, catalogue and associated collateral for a major exhibition in the Special Exhibitions Gallery of the Australian War Memorial, 2008

Advancing to Victory, 1918 was the finale in a series of five 90th Anniversary exhibitions of Australian involvement in World War I. The tone of this final exhibition was one of success and positivity set against the grim realities of rising casualties, weariness of the conflict and dwindling resources.

The team activated the gallery by stripping out many of the mobile walls that articulated the space, opening up
broad vistas across the gallery. With a large amount of text to be featured in the form of themed quotations from the day, the space was then structured so that a logical dialogue evolved with the visitor following the imperatives of the curatorial.

Dynamic ‘quote panels’ were designed to flow from the ceiling, down the walls and across the floor, creating visual thresholds for the different thematic sections and emphasising site lines.As the advance to victory occurred through the French spring and summer, a brighter palette was devised, with warm yellows, greens and ochres replacing the somber greys and sepias of other exhibitions and breathing new life into the gallery.

The exhibition title and typographic approach drew its look and feel from the many ‘name boards’ that were part of the exhibition. These fascinating artefacts, handmade by trenchbound diggers, speak nostalgically of home at the
same time as they reference the prevailing culture.

Design Concept: Lea Barnett, Jisuk Han
2D Design: Lea Barnett
3D Design: Jisuk Han, X2 Design

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